Thursday, July 21, 2011


Will be the best day ever. I am FINALLY getting my Bernina:) Do you even know how excited I am? just to know its coming soon, but not right this second is killing me! Once I get this thing, I will be a quilting fool. I have not made much headway on my Christmas quilt, but i have decided on the layout for my splurge quilt of the celebrate Dr.Seuss fabric:) That is always good news.I am going to back the Christmas quilt with some really fuzzy fabric, I haven't decided exactly what kind though. I just thought, it is made for Christmas and winter is very cold here in Nebraska so why not make it super soft and warm! Now, i just have to clean up my sewing space and make room for this baby:)! I'll get a picture up as soon as its home. Also, i will take better pictures of my quilts soon.

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