Friday, May 11, 2012


Thats what Ive been lately! I started this blog to track my progress as a quilter and I haven't been doing anything on here. I'm such a horrible person:) Not to make excuses or anything, but i started college this year and time has been flying. I also started a new job where i work about 47+ hours a week. But that also comes along with my bangin' paychecks. Which means...... (drumroll please..) new fabric! Not just any new fabric, designer fabric:) yum:) Being the broke student that i was, I never got the chance to buy "nice" fabric. I would always look at how pretty they were online but i never had the money to purchase. With my first big paycheck i decided to reward myself and get some of that fabric i had been dreaming about for years. I also decided that this summer, I would finish all of my WIP's and all the plans i have for this beautiful new fabric. I always make goals in my head to finish these but maybe making them official on here will make me actually do them:). So without further ado, here is my to do list for this summer:

1. Finish up my Christmas word quilt (just started not too long ago, ran out of white fabric. oops!) This one should be a quick finish once I get the fabric!
2. Finish up Dr. Seuss quilt (yes, the same one from the last post on here. It's been a WHILE since this one has seen my machine.)
3. Begin the valentines quilt (So excited for this one!) I fell in l-o-v-e with this guy and decided I could not live without one!--------->

  (Here's where my new fabric splurge items start!) 

This fabric scares me and motivates me at the same time! Its a weird combination, but it totally works.
4. I haven't quite decided what to do with this fabric yet, I'm almost too afraid to cut into it. It is just SO cute! I want something to show all the cute children and animals. 

5.  Next up is my Tradewinds fabric.This stuff is gorgeous.So gorgeous that I didn't even cut it. I couldn't get myself to do it. It is such a good thing I got this one in a layer cake. If i were a millionaire, I would buy every single yard of this fabric ever made. seriously. I went very simple on this one and i am so glad i did it that way, it really showcases all of the fabrics. I call this one the "starburst" quilt. Because every time i look at it, i feel like this is what your mouth looks like when you eat a starburst. With all of that "fruit explosion" going on:) All i need for this one is batting and backing:) I already have my binding ready and everything:) (i will have a picture of the finished top up later!)

6. This fabric is also one of those I'm afraid to cut into. Haven't quite decided what to do with this one either. But that's okay for now because its nice to look at:)


 7. This fabric stumped me for quite a while on what to do with it. This is my first FQ bundle and I have never had this much fabric from one collection! I decided on jumpin' on the bandwagon and trying out some granny squares with this stuff. I just need my solid white fabric then I will embark on my journey:)

8. I have wanted  some of Camille's fabric for what feels like forever. I have spent many days drooling over her beautiful fabric and the products of it. When I finally got the money to buy it, I drooled over the real thing. I got a layer cake and I am making HST's with it. I still wanted something to showcase the pretty prints without over doing it. For the binding i am using some red houndstooth print I fell in LOVE with on my walk in the woods quilt. (more on that one later!) I am SUPER excited to see the finished product:)

9.Last but not least I have my costume clubhouse fabric! This stuff was super cute and I could not pass it up! For some reason, the cutesy character fabric always gets me:) I also have not decided on this fabric's destiny yet either. I'll get to it:)

Im planning on getting some of this.... this.... and way more of this..Riley Blake Designs Fat Quarter Bundle - Santa's WorkshopRiley Blake Designs Fat Quarter Bundle - Woodland TrailsModa Fat Quarter Bundle - Tradewinds by Lily Ashbury


 On another note..

I have finished a quilt! It was made with my first splurge fabric A Walk in the Woods. It was some pretty pretty fabric. I did something simple with a layer cake because it was for a friends graduation. We worked together for a couple years and when i got a new job, we barely saw each other anymore. Our schedules work against each other and our time together is very limited. I knew i had to get/ make her something meaningful. So, here it is:


 I know that right now you are thinking, that's it? But this is huge for me. This is the first quilt that I free motion quilted and its the first quilt where the binding actually looked like its supposed to! I almost cry thinking about how I gave it up, but i know it is in a better home where there isn't already 30 quilts fighting to be used.

 While taking these pictures, my dogs decided they wanted a picture too. When I put the camera down without taking a picture of them, they whined and whined. So i had to, and boy are they cute:)
I also found this little guy outside!

 Do you see him?! (Ignore the mud and weeds!)

After making this walk in the woods quilt, I have decided that the binding is my favorite part! It's been a struggle for me to do it right, and when i got it right this time, i freaked. Thats all i talked about for days. "Did you see my corners?!!" "I cant believe those corners!!" Seriously, ask anyone.