Thursday, August 2, 2012

2 more days!

That is, until my birthday:) It was two years ago on my birthday that I got my first rotary cutter and cutting board. That was the day I believe I became a real "quilter." After that I started thinking about quilts and ideas constantly. My improvement in my quilts has become extremely noticeable through those two years. Today I decided it was time to put up some finished project pictures... the only problem is I haven't finished anything lately. I have been working my heart out on my Good Fortune quilt.  I know I haven't put up pictures of like any of my finished quilts. I know I need to get around to it. And I will... someday:) (I promise!) Anyways, after realizing this I decided on making a few small quilts to hang on the wall next to my sewing machine. Just to show myself that when I do finish something, I love it. Every inch of it. I want to look up and see how good I've become over the past two years. So I picked out stash fabric, Cut it up. Drew on it. And I sewed for five hours straight. It probably would have taken a lot less time, but I love sewing at a slower speed. Listening to Christmas albums. And enjoying everything. Because that's what quilting is about isn't it? Enjoying the process of sewing little pieces of fabric together to create something beautiful? Here's lots of pictures of my finished products. I hope you like them!  (Sorry in advance for the carpet pictures. :(! I just really want to show some finished products and its too dark outside!)

The First one I made is a little wall hanging. I haven't measured the size yet, but its pretty reasonable. The stuff on it is all written by me. It's a recipe for fluffy pancakes:) The back is an older print by Lizzy House and I used my go-to binding on this one- houndstooth! I did random straight line quilting and I just LOVE the way it turned out.

The second one is also kinda small, more like a doll quilt though. I have been hoarding this fabric since it first came out.  Its so simple, but I really love it. Once again I used my houndstooth print. I want this stuff in every color. Right now I have two different reds and a black. One day I will have the biggest stash of houndstooth. You will be amazed. I will be in love.

I am now off to bed. Then tomorrow I'll wake up, have some yummy french toast, and try to finish my Good Fortune quilt top. Wish me luck!:)