Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Well, to start off, i am brand new to this blogging thing. I started this because i really like to quilt and i want people to see it, and tell me what they think! I would love to hear anything you have to say! 
 I also love to sew clothing, i have made many things. I recently made my graduation dress, a summer dress, a skirt and a PJ shirt. I am working on a fleece jacket for my dad for fathers day.
I have made one quilt so far, and am working on my second. My first quilt was a tie quilt, so i didn't actually "quilt" it, but on this one i am going to try!  I still haven't decided if i want to hand sew it together, or machine sew it. I don't have a walking foot, so I'm not sure if i could even machine sew it, and still have it look good. On the other hand, if i sew it by hand it will take forever and i may not finish it:/ i have a very short attention span! I'll be sure to add pictures of my finished quilt, and my quilt-in-progress soon!

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